Uncharted 5: Sully’s Beginning?

To say that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is highly anticipated is like saying that humans need water to survive. And after delays, speculation and Naughty Dog as well as Nolan North – voice actor of Nathan Drake – saying that this will be the last game in Drake’s story; many fans have their beady eyes set on May 10th.


However, it seems as though we may be dipping our toes back in the Uncharted universe after all. Neil Druckmann – creative director and programmer at Naughty Dog – said in an interview with Game Radar that he is open to the possibility of another development team continuing the franchise and hopes that the new developer would get the game’s essence right. He also added that:

“I’d want to play an ‘Uncharted’ I didn’t work on. It’d be a lot of fun.”

Although the idea that A Thief’s End might not be the last in the series is a tantalising thought, are there any possible spinoffs that could fill the shoes of what is – arguably – one of the greatest video game franchises of all time? Well maybe…

Victor “Sully” Sullivan has been Drake’s right hand-man since Drake was a teenager. Those who have played Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will remember that Nate first met Sully in Colombia whilst stealing Sir Francis Drake’s ring and astrolabe. After saving Nate from Katherine Marlowe, Sully offer to teach Drake everything he knows about the live of a thief, and the rest as they say, is history. But, there are some lingering questions. How did Sully gain all that knowledge in the first place? We know he served in the United States Navy and had a terrible childhood as a result of this father, but not much else.

These are the questions that could – theoretically – make for an exciting spinoff.


Learning about what makes a character who they are is a staple of the Uncharted series. The stories central theme is about Drake’s ancestor and who Nate actually is at his core. This theme of discovering one’s self would fit perfectly in a narrative about Sully’s jaded past. Much like The Last of Us, utilising Sully’s childhood and time spent in the Navy could make for a thought-provoking, darker experience as well as allowing a departure from the standard combat system that the franchise has perfected. Furthermore, having the game set in a completely different decade would give the title a different “feel” and would be an exciting visual change from what fans of the series are used too.      

What do you think of a Sully origins game? Or what are your ideas for a spinoff? Leave your comments below.

Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt
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