Spooktacular Drinking Game 2015

That’s right kids! Back by unpopular demand, Half Empty’s Spooktacular Halloween drinking game has finally returned for 2015.

With more rounds than ever before, this year’s drinking game even comes with a grand prize… a £2.99 hip flask full of LIDL own-brand Queen Margo whisky. What a scoop!

To win this fabulous prize, all you need to do is successfully tick off all twelve Halloween eyesores from the scorecard below. Every time you find one of these eyesores, take a picture (and a drink) and tweet it to @HalfEmptyBlog. Those with the best pictures will win this exciting and erotic grand prize!

So get those camera phones out, carve your ex’s name in a pumpkin, have a quiet cry, and then get tweeting!

Halloween drinking games

Download PDF

Don’t forget to follow us to find out if you’ve won! …Or not. Who cares.


*Entrants must be 18 or over to be eligible to win the grand prize.

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