Just Say No, To Pancake Face

Throughout all of human history, Pancake Day has been celebrated for its ability to bring people together under seemingly impossible circumstances. I’m sure we all remember from our history lessons, the tale of how German and British soldiers climbed from the trenches of World War I to share a cup of golden syrup one cold Pancake Day morn.

From the symbolic squeezing of lemon juice in Aztec ceremonies, through to the eating of Pancakes at the Declaration of Independence, Pancake Day is ingrained in both our history and our public consciousness.

But there is a darker side to this great tradition of ours. A side that most members of our civilised society try hard to forget.

I’m talking of course, about Pancake Face. Originally popular in the early 18th century, Pancake Face was a common form of entertainment amongst the poor and rich alike.

While this supposedly ‘light-hearted’ entertainment helped bring together people of all different age, class and sex (a feat becoming of the pancake itself), the sad truth was that Pancake Face was a truly degrading experience for all those who lived within its widely disregarded minority community.

Yet despite this cold and brutal history, Pancake Face remains a staple of modern day pancake-based celebrations. Based on an Office of National Statistics poll, one in two people will attempt Pancake Face this year, either alone or as part of a wider community experience. Perhaps you were planning on taking part yourself? Perhaps you’re wearing a Pancake Face right now?

Pancake FaceAn 18th century gent undertaking a Pancake Face

Well it’s time to say no to this barbaric and degrading tradition once and for all. Please #SayNoToPancakeFace this Pancake Day. Is this the future that you want our children growing up in? Will they one day look back upon Pancake Day the way we look back on ENRON Mardi Gras or Hitler Tuesday?

Pancake FaceA soviet family in traditional Pancake Face

It’s time to say enough is enough.

Tweet #SayNoToPancakeFace this Pancake Day to show your support for our cause.

Just Say No

Alex Warren
Alex Warren
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