Inside North Korea’s museum of american war atrocities

Deep in the heart of North Korea’s secretive South Hwanghae province lies a museum dedicated to American shame and Korean delusion.

Recently visited by Kim Jong Un himself, the Sinchon Museum of United States War Atrocities makes for an unusual tourist attraction. Open to adults and children alike, the museum is a grizzly mixture of real life photography and imaginative wartime propaganda art. This gruesome artwork spans everything from the Sinchon Massacre, to the General Sherman incident, right though to the indoctrination of Korean children by Western Christian missionaries.


Sinchon Museum
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If you enjoy revelling in bloodshed, propaganda and despair, then the Sinchon Museum of United States Atrocities is a must see for any family vacation. Nowhere else on earth can you get a tourist experience with quite so much horror, carnage and pain – with the possible exception of a Butlins holiday camp.

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