Lusting for Bust? I blame video games!

The above is a screenshot from “Lust for Bust”, an extremely entertaining, highly taxing and dare I say, down-right intellectual flash game. Originating in about 2005, the objective of the game is fairly straight forward; all you have to do is stare at a woman’s breasts without getting caught. Throughout the game the heroine grows increasingly agitated and attempts to avoid your rape-addled glare. Lord only knows why? She should appreciate the attention! The silly pixelated bitch!

Still, while us men folk were sat around playing Lust for Bust we failed to notice that we were actually being subconsciously moulded. Yes, it turns out it wasn’t just a harmless bit of fun, but rather part of a wider culture of sexism in the media! Who knew? Not me, I was too busy looking at Page 3.

We’ve always been told that video games would influence our behaviour, but now we finally have scientific proof. You see, according to a recent study in the Metro, when men are shown pictures of women they will immediately ogle their breasts and hips. We can’t help it; our shameless lust for hips is just too insatiable!

Metro research ogle

Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but clearly we’re only like this because of games like Lust for Bust. I mean, how else do you explain it? All those millions of hours men have spent playing that game, it must have an effect. It’s the same reason that I can’t help but run over a prostitute every time I finish playing GTA. It’s just ritual.

All I can say is thank goodness the Metro chose to run that story and make us all aware of such pressing scientific work. And to devote a whole 180 words to it as well! That’s exactly the sort of quality journalism I want from my free advertising-subsidised paper. Good work Metro.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that at the end of the Metro piece the fact was stated that “Females were also tested and they were also shown to look at other women’s breasts and hips more than their faces.” Well, looks like the whole article was rendered pointless …much like this one.

Anyway, this blog post is now so stooped in irony I genuinely can’t remember what my original point was. Ah who cares, let’s play Lust for Bust…

Alex Warren
Alex Warren
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