Jeremy Hunt plays on mobile during NHS bursaries debate

In the midst of high tension between the UK government and junior doctors, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has poured further fuel on the fire by being caught playing on his mobile phone during a parliamentary debate on the future of nurses’ bursaries at the NHS.

Having been flagged by fellow members of the house for failing to engage in the debate, Hunt was reprimanded by Speaker John Bercow for “impairing parliamentary decorum” and “being rank discourteous” to the Shadow Secretary of State.

Bercow later threatened to remove Jeremy Hunt from the house if he still failed to put his mobile phone away and pay attention to the serious issue being discussed.

YouTuber, Dr Yak posted a video of the event online, claiming it shows “exactly how much Jeremy Hunt cares”…

After refusing to negotiate on 22 of the 23 points raised by the British Medical Association, Jeremy Hunt is now looking to open a new round of talks with Just Health in an effort to end the junior doctors’ ongoing protest.

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