Harley Quinn is the Craziest of All

As Suicide Squad is the talk of crazy town, I wanted to share a theory of mine. When us sweaty losers normally debate about who is the craziest of all Batman’s villains, The Joker seems to win hands down. It makes sense considering he’s done a lot over his 70 plus years to prove that point. However, I’ve always thought the woman who loves him, must be more gone in the head than the clown prince of crime.


Harley Quinn funnily enough, did not begin her life in the pages of a comic book. Her first appearance was in Batman: The Animated Series as a walk-in role. We didn’t discover that she was an excellent student that became an intern at Arkham Asylum until much later. Since then, however, she’s had some pretty fantastic story arcs in such comics as Gotham City Sirens and the New 52.

Although Harley Quinn has always had the air of controversy around her, that she is nothing more than a sexual punching bag for The Joker, she has evolved into a more three-dimensional character – and when I say “she” I, of course, mean the writers. She’s not real guys…

There seems to be this bizarre playfulness to The Joker’s and Harley’s relationship, even when they are beating the hell out of each other – like the time The Joker realised he actually loved her and fired her off in a rocket… you know. Comics right? One the subject of their relationship, The Suicide Squad film seems to show The Joker and Harley in a new crazy multicoloured light. It’s pretty exciting to have their unique dynamic portrayed in the DC film universe.


I digress. Harley continually forgiving and actually relishing the various murder attempts by The Joker isn’t why I think she’s bloody nuts. I don’t actually believe she turned insane because of falling in love with him – he’s not really that charismatic is he? I believe the weight and probably boredom of studying, working hard maintaining a job in the dull real-world was something she couldn’t take anymore. Once she met The Joker, she saw what life could be like with no work-a-day problems, to be truly off the grid. She saw the opportunity to completely reinvent her personality in the shadow of someone bigger than herself.

Yes, The Joker is totally fucking insane, but surely someone who’s become so envious of his lifestyle they adopt the personality of a maniac is worse?

Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt
Tom has written damning articles for various websites and now writes here. Interesting right?