Half Empty’s Guide to Drawing The Prophet Muhammad

With all the craziness that’s happened over the last weeks, we thought it would be a great idea to show all how you at home, can draw The Prophet of the Muslim faith.


First: Open whatever photo editing tool you normally use. I use Photoshop 7.


Next: Find ‘New’ under the ‘File’ toolbar and choose a size.


Next: Look for the ‘Rectangle tool’ on the left hand bar, click the ‘Rectangle’ and drag it across the page to create the shape.


After that: Locate the ‘T’ icon from the left left bar and type the word: ‘Censored’.


Lastly: Choose the colour ‘White’ and flip the text vertically using the ‘Free Transform’.

 And there you have it! With this easy tutorial, you can draw The Prophet of the Muslim faith, without worry of any repercussion!

Surfs up dudez!!!!


Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt
Tom has written damning articles for various websites and now writes here. Interesting right?