18 times Buzzfeed was totally sexist

Buzzfeed. Home of the cat gif, the listicle and the very heart of clickbait liberalism.

For many, Buzzfeed represents peak leftism, posting boringly Right On articles such as “Blac Chyna Just Perfectly Shut Down Double Standards” and “23 Times Feminists Dropped The Fucking Mic.”

When crafting these self-satisfied, non-bombshells, one of Buzzfeed’s favourite tactics has become Genderbending – highlighting stereotypes by taking male and female characters from films, cartoons and comics and reversing their costumes and their roles.

Given the popularity of this practice, we wanted to give Buzzfeed a taste of its own medicine, shining a light on the endemic sexism, objectification and crude sexualisation that has grown rampant across the site.

That’s why we genderbent, 18 of the latest Buzzfeed headlines, swapping “men” for “women”, “guy” for “girl” and “dude/hunk” for “babe”. We even swapped out male actors and sports personalities for their female co-stars.

Given Buzzfeed’s supposed focus on fighting objectification, the result looks more like something from Nuts magazine than a supposed bastion of left wing equality.

Check out our infographic to see the result:

Is Buzzfeed Sexist

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