Double Hitler Review

I hate to admit it, but indie games are the real innovators of the video game world. Though no one can argue that indie games have fallen into their own niche market where an innocent wide-eyed child is sent on a chilling voyage of self-discovery. Nevertheless, if the payoff of paddling through the industry’s rancid sewage pipe is playing a game in which I take the role of two Austrian youths who fake their way into art school under the false name: Adolf Hitler, I’ll paddle with a smile on my face. Honestly, could you imagine how the pitch for that name would go down with someone like EA or Naughty Dog? They’d be kicked to the curb like a reeking homeless man in a hospital waiting room… and rightly so. That idea is fucking mental! How could that possibly work as a video game?

Well it fucking does. Double Hitler is absolutely brilliant.

I know I touched upon the premise of the game above, but let me explain in greater detail. So yes, you play as the two Schicklgruber brothers who want to pursue their passion for art by joining a respected art school in Vienna. However, as they aren’t of age to join the school, they must devise a cunning plan to sneak their way into the history books. However, unbeknownst to them, our two ‘heroes’ little plan would change history; forever.

Right off the schläger, saying that Hitler was nothing more than two children in a long-coat wearing a hilarious fake moustache is the most original form of Hitler Humour in decades. It’s nice to see something as played out as taking the piss out of Hitler have a fresh, bizarrely witty storyline that isn’t needlessly crude for the sake of pissing everyone off.

saying that Hitler was nothing more than two children in a long-coat wearing a hilarious fake moustache is the most original form of Hitler Humour in decades.

The visuals are nice enough, but as you’d expect, they aren’t the best. A lot of the time Hitler’s body falls into itself and his arm curls in this sickeningly exorcism fashion. Other than that, there’s nothing else to say on the matter.

hitler broken

As for gameplay, it’s extremely simple and totally absurd. You control Hitler by edging left or right using the A or D keys as well as using the left and right mouse buttons to balance the two kids on top of each other. The goal of each Act is to complete a drawing challenge, which you press and hold the spacebar and trace the shapes, paths etc., by moving the mouse. The Second Act, however, you have to lean into a roaring crowd to tally up points, which was a real disappointment as the game started off so well.

hitler act 2

Much like the vast majority of indie games, the difficultly level starts off higher than Philip Seymour Hoffman before his end. It’s one of those games where each slight advancement into the story feels like you’ve scrambled up a mountain using only your teeth. I know I don’t have the gaming prowess of a small Korean child, but I think I’m pretty decent when it comes to picking up control concepts quickly. Yet, I found Double Hitler phenomenally demanding, so much so that I still haven’t completed the bastard. I’ve reached the last Act though, but I can’t seem to best the fucking game.

hitler game over

To close: If you want a truly challenging game that has a hint of Monty Python’s temperament, play Double Hitler. Sie werden es nicht bedauern.

Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt
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