#Brits4Trump: Who are Britain’s Trump supporters?

Over in the United Stated Donald Trump represents the alpha male of divisive politics. Transgressing partisanship and traditional party lines, Trump has split America in an unprecedented way, inspiring love and hate across all classes and all walks of political life.

While America continues to debate the pros and cons of a Trump presidency, we in the United Kingdom have long since made up our minds. To the British public – and to much of the UK media – Donald Trump is more than just a divisive politician, he is a decidedly toxic force in arena of modern politics.

With nearly 600,000 Brits having signed a petition calling on the government to ban Donald Trump from the UK, it’s clear that we, as a nation, are not the billionaire’s biggest fans.

And yet, for every political action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. That opposite reaction is now emerging, and it’s emerging in the form of #Brits4Trump.

Cropping up all over the internet, the #Brits4Trump movement is seeing ‘out and proud’ British Trump supporters finally come forward and confess their desires to help Britain, Make America Great Again.

So why are so many Brits now throwing their support behind Donald Trump? We spoke to a few of the #Brits4Trump to find out:


Adam, London:

Trump is not like any other politician who calculates every move by what people want them to say or act by. Trump speaks at the same level as the average person on the street, he speaks his mind and he doesn’t hesitate to say what he believes in.

Trump says what me and you think in our hearts but are afraid to say out loud. He is the only leading politician who speaks the truth about Islam and terror. While British & European leaders are burying their heads in the sand and remain unable to face terror for what it is – Islamic terrorism – Trump shows what it is in its true colours.

We are sick and tired of the political establishment and political correctness used by our leaders. It’s time for change. I truly believe that Trump will make America great again and a better place to live in.

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Carol, Dorset

As far apart as they are on the political spectrum, I actually see Donald Trump as the USA’s own Jeremy Corbyn. Regardless of whether you agree with his political views, Trump is an important player in destabilising the political status quo.

Both in America, and here in Britain, the public has lost faith in its political elite – and it’s easy to see why. All our politicians are too polished. They’re too rehearsed. People like Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Ed Miliband are part of that problem, they’re career politicians with nothing to offer those of us who actually have to live in the real world.

Trump is the opposite of that, he speaks his mind and doesn’t dress up his views in political correctness or carefully crafted spin. British politicians could learn a thing or two by watching Donald Trump, and for that reason, I support him all the way.


Andrew, Bognor Regis

Yes, I am in the UK, and yes, I do support Trump – even though I’m not American.

I think he would be very good for US & UK relations as well possible good relations between the US and Russia. Vladimir Putin has stated that he likes the sound of Donald Trump, from what he’s seen of him. I feel a good relationship between Russia and the US is essential in this post-Cold War era.

At the end of the day, I don’t have time to get into arguments with people who have different views.

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