Am I A Bigot?

I have never thought of myself as a bigot. I have never had an issue with race or sex and I honestly believe that people should be treated equally – even if I joke otherwise. Nevertheless, these last few years have beaten me down like some unown storm until I’m left sitting in a puddle of confusion. Why am I confused? Let’s begin with a flag.

“What the fuck is he talking about?”

In 2014, a 17 year old named Kye Rowan designed the non-binary flag through a Tumblr vote. The flag was created to represent non-binary individuals who felt like they were not represented by other flags.  You’re probably asking yourself “What the fuck is he talking about?” Well, non-binary is an umbrella term for grouping individuals of various gender identities who do not fall into “gender binary” in their own community. “What the fuck is gender binary?” you’re probably asking yourself. Gender binary is the classification of two genders male and female.

Just to make the point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with individuals wanting to be represented and to have that representation, but the issue I have with the multitude of non-binary terms is there is a huge amount of overlap.

Take “Poly-gender” and “Gender-fluid” as two seemingly indistinguishable identities. Gender-fluid is when somebody’s gender often changes. Thus, one day they might be a boy, the next, a girl and the day after that, they could be gay. Poly-gender is a term for when an individual has several genders at different times or all at once. Therefore, one day they could be a boy, the next, a girl and the day after, both. The different between Poly-gender and Gender-fluid is so microscopic, even quantum foam is like “damn son, that’s small.”

These insignificant differences between genders seem like needless busywork for everybody involved. I understand that people want to be represented to the fullest extent, but that is just not possible. No one can be completely represented by a group, whatever their sex or gender. I am not totally represented by the group I identify with but understand that it’s an umbrella term for the majority of people that share my personal identity – being a fucking tank.

arm tank

My gripes about gender identity similarities aside, what I just cannot understand is the wave of fucking ridiculous and outright exploitation of the real struggle people might actually face.

Comparing Homosexuality and Otherkin is like comparing fake apples to gay oranges.

Otherkin” are individuals who identify as partially or completely non-human… These people are either lying, are trying to get attention or are mentally ill.

Before you comment, save it. Comparing Homosexuality and Otherkin is like comparing fake apples to gay oranges. It was absolutely ludicrous to attempt to rehabilitate Homosexuals because there was/is nothing wrong with being gay. If you’re Homosexual, you don’t automatically think you’re not human – as much as the religious right would like to think.

There is actually a term for people who truly believe they’re not human called Clinical Lycanthropy. Clinical Lycanthropy is a psychiatric disorder whereby people carry the delusion that they can transform into a non-human creature. These individuals adopt the mannerisms of the creature they identify with such as howling, growling etc. This is an incredibly rare disorder and is normally a by-product of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or clinical depression. Which, hey; Otherkin people could suffer from and if that’s the case, these people need professional help.

I know I’ve come across as pretty damn arrogant, but the reason for this article was more to ask a long-winded question than anything else. Therefore, if you would like to answer my query about these new terms, please comment below. I’m not Otherkin, I won’t bite.

Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt
Tom has written damning articles for various websites and now writes here. Interesting right?